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At Amzebooks, an exceptional ebook publishing service, we are committed to enhancing the online visibility of your content with our expertise. Our dedicated team devotes their time and efforts to crafting engaging and well-versed content, rich with the essence that captivates readers. Whether you seek fiction or non-fiction, thriller, romance, or the excitement of action-packed tales, we’re here to assist you. We guarantee to deliver inspiring content that captures attention and keeps your readers fully engrossed.”


From Brick And Mortar
To Prosperity

Peter Paulsen

Peter Paulsen

A Riki Practice
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Joseph  Alexander

Joseph Alexander

Tales From Grandpa
Todays tell: Joe Brady

D.G Varner

D.G Varner

The assassin's Betrayal

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Inspring Stories For Brilliant Boys

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Sign Up

To begin the journey with AmazeBooks, interested authors sign up on our platform. This initial step involves providing basic information and creating an account to access the comprehensive ebook publishing services.


Questionnaire Form

Writers fill out an extensive form that is carefully designed to elicit information about the essence of their work, the intended readership, and their preferred publishing method. This phase is a strategic investigation in which we collect vital information to enable us to personalize the publishing process and guarantee a customized strategy that harmoniously fits the unique features of every manuscript.

Questionnaire Form: (Demo) 
1) Strategic Exploration:

Authors engage in a detailed questionnaire designed to unravel the essence of their book.

2) Audience Insight:

The questionnaire probes into the target audience, understanding their demographics and preferences.

3) Publishing Preferences:

Authors specify their publishing preferences, covering aspects such as style, tone, and formatting.

4) Customization Foundation:

Gathering these insights lays the groundwork for a customized publishing approach.

5) Alignment with Manuscript:

The questionnaire ensures the publishing process aligns seamlessly with the unique characteristics of each manuscript


Form Analysis (24 hours):

After the questionnaire is submitted, our team conducts a thorough analysis within 24 hours. This process involves assessing the provided information, evaluating the manuscript's potential, and determining the best approach for the subsequent stages of the publishing journey. make it deeply.

Form Analysis (24 hours):
1) Swift Processing:

Immediately following the submission of the questionnaire, our dedicated team initiates a swift and efficient 24-hour analysis period.

2) Thorough Assessment:

Every facet of the provided information is meticulously examined, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the author's vision and goals.

3) Manuscript Potential:

The analysis extends to evaluating the manuscript's potential, identifying unique qualities that can be accentuated during the publishing process.

4) Strategic Decision-Making:

This critical phase involves strategic decision-making, determining the most effective approach for the subsequent stages of the publishing journey.

5) Customization Blueprint:

Insights gained during this 24-hour window contribute to crafting a customized blueprint, tailoring the publishing process to the specific needs and aspirations outlined by the author in the questionnaire.


Phone Interviews

Authors engage in phone interviews with our experienced team. This step allows for a more in-depth discussion about the book, addressing any additional questions, clarifications, or specific requirements. The insights gained during these interviews contribute to the customization of the publishing process.

Phone Interviews:
1) In-depth Exploration:

Authors engage in profound discussions about their book.

2) Nuanced Insights:

Unraveling the manuscript's themes, inspirations, and artistic aspirations.

3) Dynamic Exchange:

Beyond traditional Q&A, it's a collaborative dialogue shaping the narrative.

4) Clarifications and Requirements:

Addressing queries with meticulous care.

5) Collaborative Synergy:

Authorship meets editorial craftsmanship for a customized publishing journey.

6) Guiding Insights:

Information gathered becomes a compass for the entire process.

7) Unique Tailoring:

The publishing process is an art form, uniquely shaped for each manuscript.


Chapter Compilation

Authors submit their manuscript, and we assist in organizing and structuring the content. This step involves collaborating with authors to compile chapters in a coherent and engaging manner, ensuring that the narrative flows seamlessly and captivates the intended audience.

Chapter Compilation:
1) Manuscript Submission:

Authors submit their raw manuscript for review.

2) Collaborative Planning:

We initiate a collaborative process to organize and structure the content.

3) Focused Writing:

One chapter is meticulously crafted based on the manuscript's essence and vision.

4) Author Approval:

The written chapter is shared with the author for feedback and approval.

5) Iterative Process:

Only after approval, do we proceed to craft the next chapter, ensuring alignment with the author's vision.

6) Seamless Flow:

Chapters are compiled in a coherent sequence, ensuring a smooth and engaging narrative flow.

7) Captivating Narration:

Our goal is to captivate the intended audience through a seamless and compelling storyline.

8) Author Involvement:

Authors actively participate in shaping each chapter, preserving their unique voice throughout the process.

9) Iterative Refinement:

The process continues iteratively, refining each chapter until the entire manuscript achieves its full potential.

10) Tailored Progression:

Customization at each step ensures that the narrative progression aligns with the author's creative intent.


Editing, Proofreading, Typesetting

The manuscript undergoes a comprehensive editing and proofreading process to enhance its quality. Our team meticulously checks for grammatical errors, consistency, and overall readability. Additionally, typesetting is performed to ensure the book's layout and formatting meet professional standards.

1) Comprehensive Review:

Manuscript undergoes a thorough review to identify areas for improvement.

2) Grammar and Syntax Check:

Meticulous examination for grammatical errors, ensuring correct syntax and language usage.

3) Consistency Check:

Ensuring uniformity in writing style, tone, and narrative elements throughout the manuscript.

4) Structural Editing:

Addressing overall structure, flow, and coherence of the content for better readability.

5) Error Correction:

Careful examination to catch and correct spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors.

6) Readability Assessment:

Evaluating the manuscript's overall readability to enhance the reader's experience.

7) Formatting Verification:

Confirming adherence to formatting guidelines and consistency in style elements.

8) Cross-Check References:

Verifying accuracy in citations, footnotes, and cross-references within the manuscript.

9) Layout Design:

Creating an aesthetically pleasing and reader-friendly layout for the book.

10) Font and Typography:

Selecting appropriate fonts and ensuring consistent typography for a professional look.

11) Margins and Spacing:

Setting margins and spacing to optimize visual appeal and readability.

12) Page Numbering:

Proper placement of page numbers and headers/footers for a polished appearance.

13) Image and Graphic Integration:

Incorporating images and graphics seamlessly into the layout, ensuring they enhance the overall design.

14) Digital Formatting:

Adapting the manuscript for digital platforms, optimizing it for various e-readers.

By meticulously addressing these aspects in the editing, proofreading, and typesetting stages, AmazeBooks ensures that the final manuscript not only meets professional standards but also provides an engaging and polished reading experience for the audience.



Cover Art:

A visually appealing cover is crucial for attracting readers. AmazeBooks collaborates with talented designers to create captivating and genre-appropriate cover art that complements the book's content. Authors are involved in the decision-making process to ensure the final design aligns with their vision.

1) Visual Appeal:
  • The cover is recognized as a key factor in attracting readers.
  • A visually appealing design is prioritized to catch the audience's attention.
2) Collaboration with Designers:
  • AmzeBooks partners with skilled and experienced designers.
  • These designers collaborate to bring creative and captivating elements to the cover.
3) Genre Appropriateness:
  • Cover art is tailored to match the genre of the book.
  • Design choices are made to resonate with the expectations of readers in that particular genre.
4) Complementing Content:
  • The cover art is crafted to complement and represent the essence of the book's content.
  • It serves as a visual preview, enticing potential readers with a glimpse of what's inside.
5) Author Involvement:
  • Authors actively participate in the decision-making process.
  • Their input and preferences are considered to ensure the final design aligns with their creative vision
6) Vision Alignment:
  • The goal is to create a cover that not only attracts readers but also aligns with the author's vision for their work.
  • Authors have a say in the visual representation of their book to maintain a cohesive and personalized touch.

By focusing on these key points, AmzeBooks aims to deliver cover art that not only meets professional standards but also resonates with both the target audience and the author's artistic vision.


Publishing on Amazon

The final step involves publishing the ebook on Amazon, one of the largest online platforms for book distribution. AmazeBooks handles the technical aspects, including formatting for digital platforms, setting the book's price, and optimizing metadata. This step ensures the book reaches a wide audience and has the potential to secure a coveted spot on the best-selling shelf space.

Through this comprehensive 8-step process, AmazeBooks aims to provide authors with a seamless and effective path to bringing their creations to the market successfully.

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At Amzbooks, our team of writers is adept in a multitude of writing styles and genres, with a deep understanding of the intricacies of storytelling. We are committed to ensuring our clients’ satisfaction by providing them with top-notch material for their books and delivering the best possible results


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  • 100% Ownership Rights
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  • EBook, Paper Back, Hardcover (All Formats Of Your Book)
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